1. Come On Now

From the recording In Bloom

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to all the lost souls


Lock yourself in your room
The world outside is full of rage and ruin
I’ve been there too
There’s a spark in your eye
And people outside who need your precious smile
So come on and be who you are
I know you can’t see that far
You are greater than the brightest star
We need your light to show us out

Come on now
Come on now
Come on and dance what you have known
Come on now
Come on now
Come on and share what you have known

Well you’ve been dying inside
And the drugs you do will never turn the tide
It won’t be denied
It’s a question of time
Are you coming now or are you gonna wait
For your next life
So come on get out of your head
I know your thinking that your better off dead
But there’s a deeper meaning instead

The sooner you begin to feel it
The sooner you begin to heal it
Get up get out get on
You can do it now.