1. The Frog Song

From the recording In Bloom

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The summer’s heat has taken over
Now it’s time to hide
I should be safe within my home now
But I keep looking to the sky

Rain come down
Rain on me
Fill this dusty land
Set me free

In the morning they’ll be coming
With their machines they’ll fill my home
Then they’ll pave it over
Just another pond gone

Well it’s the last one in this valley
That used to be so full of life
Before the infestation
Of these beasts with their “human rights”
In the future they’ll be coming
With their laws and power plays
Fighting over the last strip of land
To be stripped away

The balance of nature has not an answer for these beasts
Blessed with minds to think with
They can move mountains cure disease
But so out of touch with nature
They’ve forgotten whence they’ve come
And now they’ve come to pave it over
Just another planet gone

Rain come down (homosapiens)
Rain on me (of earth we are the same)
Fill this dusty land (heal this land I love)
Set me free (embrace your creaturehood)

Forty days and forty nights
Please relieve us of this plight
God forgive them
They know not what they do

Set us free