1. Forever Friend

From the recording In Bloom

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We got together way back when
I thought I finally found my forever friend
Now I see you in your pain and there’s nothing I can do
You know I would baby I swear
Take it away for you

But now you’re standing on the edge
You don’t know what to do
We’ve been trying everything
But the sadness cuts you through
Then there’s the pain
It has you doubled over
The medicine’s not working anymore

I remember when you used to say to me
That you’d go out with you in humble honesty
But now you hate yourself you say you’ve got so weak
And you don’t understand why I want you here with me

Well I want you to know that I see you as strong
Everything that you’ve been through
All the things that were so wrong
Shattered at the core
How’d you make it this far?
If you could only know just how beautiful you are

We got together way back when
I thought I’d finally found my forever friend
But now the years have passed us by
And some have been so cruel
But they helped me realize
More deeply what is true
That you are my forever friend