1. Tornado Bound
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Tornado Bound

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gonna change fake flute to real one. Might change lyrics for live show to "Impeachment Bound"!


Look to the sky well there's something wrong
This is like no other storm
Birds take flight Mother Nature groans
I've been away for far too long

Can you feel it
Can you feel it now?
Can you hear it
I'm tornado bound

Somewhere deep in my soul
Is there something I should know
Something that I can't remember
Kissed upon by this strange weather

Can you hear it
Can you hear it now?
Can you see it
I'm tornado bound

In the eye of the storm people walk by
Like there's nothing going on
What I wouldn't give to live my life
Like the normal ones

Oh pasha well who's to say
What is normal anyway
We're all bound to meet our maker
Are you coming now or later

Can you feel it
There's no need to be scared
You can heal it
There's magic in the air