1. Family Tree

From the recording Connections

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Matt Taylor - Bass and Drums


Tending to the family tree with all it’s roots and all the leaves
One by one I try to catch but nothing I do will bring you back
I get to see you when I’m gone I’m moving on
Too much information pass on through generations
I’m shaking down the family tree
From the Scottish to the English, Norwegian and the Swedish
To the land of opportunity
Lifelong loads of memories
People, places, travesties
Forgotten and time won’t tell
Notes from war, notes from Spain
Love letters left in vain I’m root bound and overwhelmed
I get to see you when I’m gone
I’m moving on
I keep coming up with questions that beg for your attention
They’re reminding me that you’re not here
All the things I could of done, I wish I would of should of done
Sifting through the wasted years
Wandering these empty rooms trying to do what’s right by you
Scared of what the future brings staring at the end of things
Brave enough to roll the dice all the things they sacrifices
I understand your overwhelm one child left to carry on
If I could figure all the facts maybe I could have you back
The sorrow it comes in waves and I’m way over my head somedays
Petrified family tree I stopped growing my own leaves
Calling on your memory you say to do whats right by me
Like the air, the sun, the earth, and the fun
I get to see you when I’m gone
I’m moving on
Worlds will come and worlds will go
We’re all here to make it so
All the things we’ve learned this life
Are not for naught, the knot survives
I get to see you when I’m done